About The book


Javier's narrative depicts the reflections of the protagonist by intertwining the thoughts of two characters: the addict and Addiction herself.
Due to the cynical bias society has against all addicts, the author purposely hides the identity of the narrator, forcing readers to read as if it were their own story.
Throughout the book, Javier links addiction to the universal standard of feeling trapped and the controlling urges of any addiction, originating the transformative experience of the book.
As I War Myself emphasizes the struggle between making moral decisions or feeding the addiction. At the same time, the author manages to reserve the dignity of his narrator by relating him to everyone else.  

Book Reviews:


 "As I War Myself reads like a chilling firsthand account. It is narrated in the voice of a young man who's held in thrall by addiction. As I War Myself is a brutal but thoughtful novella about the deadly trap of addiction."

- Foreword Clarion Reviews 

”For anyone who thinks addiction is merely a weakness of character, this book should soften the judgement...It is well worth reading for its authentic and absorbing look at what has become a national tragedy.”

-BlueInk Reviews 

The story behind the book

Before the book, Javier found himself walking with a friend and stumbled upon a homeless man. The author's companion questioned, "why doesn't [the man] just sober up and get off the streets?" Javier, wounded by his own struggles with addiction, was consumed by anger due to the ignorance of his friend. A person cannot just quit being addicted, leading the writer to type a reminder to uphold the dignity of every person, including drug addicts.

Admiring writers like Henry David Thoreau and Thomas Paine, the author began writing an essay regarding the absolute need for empathy towards drug addicts. This essay, which was initially intended to be brutally satiric, was published as a 66 page novel in 2017 called As I War Myself.

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