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Born in 1996, Javier started writing to win a bet with a school-mate in high school over who could write the saddest story. Through this project, he learned to elaborate on tormenting weaknesses and the natural hardships of life.
Like any young writer, Javier wrote this story in a notebook. The notebook was eventually lost, and Javier began writing poems for English class, where he encountered the beauty and power of words (his poem-writing continued until college). While in college, Javier's composition professor happened to be a harsh grader, forcing the author to expand his efforts and humbly take her critique to heart. However, it was through these critiques that the author found his voice and obtained the confidence to publish his first book, As I War Myself.     

The author continues writing to elaborate on the criteria of dignity, sainthood, and theology. Javier De Alva Garza is Roman Catholic and passionately seeks to find humanity as they are. He also hopes to shine the light on unspoken injustices, relatable hypocrisies found in himself, and to fall deeper in love with the world by understanding our humanity and weaknesses.  

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